About IIP

The International Institute for Peace (IIP) is an international and non-governmental organisation (NGO and INGO), with consultative status at ECOSOC and UNESCO. It works on a non-profit basis in the interest of the public.
The IIP pursues the objective of contributing to the maintenance and strengthening of peace through its research activities and ensures that the results of these activities are available to the international academic community, politicians and decision makers.

The International Institute for Peace (IIP) carries out studies on interdependence as a strategy for peace and on the economic, social and political transformation of Central- and Eastern European countries. The Institute has worked out a number of suggestions concerning the restructuring of the United Nations, the role of the UNO and regional organisations in peacekeeping and conflict resolution, problems of European security structure, conversion, military-technological innovations and international stability, alternative understanding of security and sustainable development find their reflection in publications of the IIP. It also studies the growing threat to world peace arising from ethnic conflicts over territories with arbitrary borders.