Cooperation between the University of Havanna and the IIP

20/04/2015 16:00

Taking into account the long standing cooperation between the International Institute for Peace (IIP) and Cuban academic institutions, the IIP and the University of Havanna, agree to develop further academic relations between Cuba and Austria, to encourage academic exchange and collaboration between the two institutions and to advance teaching and research capabilities.

Depending upon mutual agreement and the availability of funds, cooperative programs in the following areas may be pursued.

  • Exchange of teaching and research personnel
  • Exchange of students
  • Collaboration for symposia and other academic meetings
  • Collaboration in research projects
  • Special projects of mutual benefits

Dr. Gustavo Cobreiro, Rector of the University of Havanna and Dr. Hannes Swoboda, President of the IIP, together with the cuban Ambassador in Vienna

Juan Carlos Marsán, the Third Secretary of the Cuban Embassy Mrs. Maiky Díaz and Mag. Peter Stania, Vice President of the IIP, met at the institute on Monday, the 20th of April 2015 in order to sign this agreement.