Conference: Quo Vadis Europe? Challenges of the 21st Century

14/11/2014 09:00

Quo Vadis Europe?

Challenges of the 21st Century


Conference November 13th 2014, Vienna


Europe has experienced a lot of changes in nearly all relevant dimensions concerning the fate of its population in the last thirty years. From the beginning of the change in the 90ies until today the overall situation has not necessarily improved in every field.


This includes the growth of nationalisms, tendencies towards disruption of national states, security dimensions and economic, social as well as ecological challenges.


The whole development takes place within Europe, but at the same time Europe is threatened by wars at its boarders, especially in the Middle East. The system of international relations becomes more and more complex and peace is in danger within and outside of Europe.


This is the motive of the International Institute for Peace (IIP, Vienna) and the International Association of Peace Funds (IAPF, Moscow) in cooperation with the Dr.-Karl-Renner Institute (RI, Vienna) to jointly organise a conference on the 13th of November 2014 in Vienna, where experts from different regions will discuss their experiences and opinions. Among them are Minister ret. Klaus von Dohnanyi (Germany), Minister ret. Erwin Lanc (Austria) as well as Minister-President ret. Ján Čarnogurský (Republic of Slovakia).


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