General Assembly IIP 2016

14/11/2016 13:46



The International Institute for Peace held his General Assembly on November 13th 2016 at 05:00pm at the premises of the IIP. The IIP is very happy to welcome Mrs. Angela Kane, former High Representative of Disarmament Affairs at the UN in New York as the new Vice-President of the institute. Ms. Stephanie Fenkart was elected as the new Director of the institute whereas the IIP furthermore warmly welcomes Prof. Heinz Gärtner as a new member of the Advisory Board of the IIP. Prof. Max Schmidt became an Honorary Member of the institute. The IIP would like to take the opportunity to thank him for his longstanding active support as a member of the board.

Dr. Hannes Swoboda stays in the position as President of the IIP.


from left: Minister ret. Erwin Lanc (Honorary President), Prof. AntonGiulio de Robertis (Board Member), Prof. Heinz Gärtner (Member of the Advisory Board), Prof. Lidija Cehulic - Vukadinovic (Member of the Advisory Board and Auditor), Mag. Stephanie Fenkart (Director), Dr. Hannes Swoboda (President), Mrs. Angela Kane (Vice-President), Prof. Radovan Vukadinovic (Board member) and Prof. Dimitrios Triantaphillou (Member of the Advisory Board).