Prejudices and Political Instrumentalisation in the Balkans. Status Quo and Future Prospects 20 Years After Dayton

12/11/2015 19:00



20 years after the war in Bosnia and 16 years after the end of the war in Kosovo, prejudices
and negative stereotypes among the Balkan nations continue to be stumbling blocks for
reconciliation and accounting for the past, which prevents the region from faster progress
towards European integration. The conference aims at discussing the status quo of mutual
prejudices, their political exploitation and related problems in the Balkans 20 years after
Dayton. Finally, the ways to overcome prejudices in the context of the Europeanisation
processes will be discussed as well as possible solutions for open and conflicting issues in
the Western Balkans.


Leading experts will participate in the public debate:
§ Hans Winkler, Director, Diplomatic Academy of Vienna (words of welcome)
§ Vedran Džihić, oiip (Scientific Coordinator)
§ Hannes Swoboda, President, Ustinov Institute and IIP
§ Caspar Einem, President, oiip
§ Dino Abazović, University of Sarajevo
§ Ulrike Lunacek, MEP (tbc)
§ Milica Tomić, Artist, Belgrade and Graz
§ Wolfgang Petritsch, Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation President
§ Goran Svilanović, Secretary General, RCC, Sarajevo
§ Vesna Teršelić, Documenta, Zagreb

Diplomatic Academy of Vienna
(Favoritenstrasse 15A, 1040 Vienna)



to show the text by Hannes Swoboda on the actual situation of the Balkans please click  here