The Kurdish Issue

09/05/2016 09:00

In cooperation with the Institute for Peace Support and Conflict Resolution of the BLMVS and the Austrian Orient Society (ÖOG) the IIP organised a conference on the topic “The Kurdish Issue” with many experts and scholars from the respective countries. The topics included the Kurdish Nationalism/s and Identy/ties, the KRG Region (geo-strategic aspects, hydrocarbon resources, constitutional issues, Security/Relations with neighbours), PYD-YPG in Rojava (fight against ISIS, relations with Ankara and Damascus, are the Kurds part of the solution?), Iran and its Kurds (The Iranian state and Kurdish Nationalism, Kurdish Movements and Organisations, Constitutional issues), Turkey (I) Military Escalation (the PKK’s Forces, Trueky’s Nes counterinsurgency), Turkey (II) How to restart negotiations (brake down of negotiations, authoritarianism, prospects), the EU and the Kurdish Issue (Kurdish issue or Kurdish issues? The EU and Turkey’s Kurds, EU support to the KRG, what about the PYD? Stephanie Fenkart attended and Hannes Swoboda was lecturing and moderating.