OP-ED Commentaries


In this section we try to spread opinions and ideas from professionals as well as young professionals who deal with conflict and peace issues in order to create a wide platform for different approaches to international peace. This approach also aims at students interested in peace, security and conflict research but also at any other person who is willing to share his knowledge and/or his work.


The texts should be written in English and should have a readable length, which means that they should not have more than 10 pages. We recommend a length between 4 and 8 pages and 1.5 line pitch. Experience has shown that shorter texts are more likely to be read by a bigger community which is the main aim of the OP-ED Commentaries page. The texts can be written either scholarly but also analytically and as personal opinions without the necessity of quotation. We welcome different approaches also in the art of writing.


We especially encourage people outside the so called Western countries to share their contributions in order to gain a holistic image of the different peace processes and the different approaches with regard to peace and conflict resolution throughout the world.


If you have any questions and or would like to contribute a text, please contact secretariat@iip.at

Our colleagues will be happy to give you any support.




These articles do not automatically represent the opinions of the IIP, its personnel or it's members.