Uganda: If Two Elephants Fight, It Is The Grass That Suffers

14/04/2015 15:38
Report Uganda Stephanie Fenkar.pdf (251105)   

Uganda and the LRA: An Introduction

06/03/2015 15:05
Stephanie Fenkart   As this is the case for most African countries the colonial period in Uganda laid the root causes for conflicts and wars in this newly created 'nation state'. During colonialism (1890-1962) Uganda was mainly divided into the politically and economically favoured...

Uganda - a Model of Transition and Transformation?

04/03/2015 14:29
Hannes Swoboda   Thirty years ago Austria helped the different Ugandan political forces to find a national compromise. 1985, in a small village in Lower Austria the then Austrian foreign minister Erwin Lanc managed to bring several leaders to this place and helped them to agree for starting a...