"Agenda for Change - New Tasks for the United Nations"

01/01/1995 00:00

Klaus Hüfner, Editor
Leske + Budrich Publishing House, Opladen 1995, ISBN 3-8100-1497-4

"After the Market Shock"

01/01/1994 00:00

Central and East-European Economies in Transition
Edited by Maciej Perczynski together with Jan Kregel and Egon Matzner
Dartmouth Publishing Company, 1994, ISBN 1 85521 594 2

"The Market Shock"

01/01/1992 00:00

An AGENDA for the Economic and Social Reconstruction of Central and Eastern Europe
Jan Kregel, Egon Matzner, Gernot Grabher
Edited for the AGENDA-Group - Vienna, 1992, ISBN 0-472-08204-3
(translations into Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian and Romanian)